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This course will be offered again in the spring semester 2018.

This course, which is co-taught by Professors Stefan Bechtold and Timothy Roscoe, will examine and critique the design of the Internet (broadly defined), with a focus on the connection between the engineering features and principles of the network (packet switching, global addressing, the end-to-end argument, etc.) and the legal, economic, and political concerns which have followed its evolution (security properties, censorship and censorship resistance, "net neutrality", etc.). No prior knowledge of networking technologies is required; conversely the course will focus only on those features of the Internet design which have strong political and legal implications (and vice versa).  The course will be front-loaded will lectures and discussions led by the three professors involved to cover the space of Internet design, and 50% of the coursework will be an individual supervised case study by each student (or small group, depending on enrollment) examing one aspect of the current and/or future Internet in detail.

This course is offered as part of the new Master of Science, Technology and Policy at ETH Zurich. In addition, it is offered as a seminar in the computer science master curriculum at ETH Zurich. It is also open to other ETH students.

For more information, please go the course webpage.


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